Fumihiko shutou
1957 Born in Nagayu Naoiri-machi Oita prefecture on August 11

1976 Graduated from Oita Prefectural Takeda High School
1976 Entered Kyushu Eisu Gakkan
1977 Entered Chuo University
1979 Quit Chuo University
1980 Entered Nakamura Cooking School

After graduation, worked for seafood restaurant Kumanoie in Shiretoko Hokkaido
Worked for Hotel Hanaya in Noboribetsu Onsen in Hokkaido
Worked for Yakinimutei in Oita prefecture
Chef of Japanese-style hotel Daimaru in Oita prefecture
Grand chef of Japanese cookery in Peninsula Hotel in the Philippines
Chef of Yokatei in Manila and others

1986年 Started own business with restaurant Kawasemi at the age of 29 in 1986
1988年 Established C.I.F Company (LLC) in Oita city (Jet House Sea Line) sole agent of Jet Ski Kawasaki
1989年 Established Kawasemi Woodcraft Shop
1990年 Changed the shop name from “Jet House Sea Line” to “OutLander Kawasemi” and moved from Oita city to Naoiri-machi
1991年 Established “Shukubo kawasemi-no-sho Kaimon” Co. Ltd., Hisui Club on February 14
1992年 “Shukubo Hisui-no-sho” was selected as one of Japan’s best 100 hotels by professionals
1993年 Opened Restaurant Kawasemi on the site of Hisui-no-sho in August
1994年 Organized and managed a professional jet ski team “Kawasemi” officially recognized by JISBA in March. The team comprises 100 members, including 18 NA and NB grade professional riders.
1996年 Opened Kawasemi teahouse “Tohge-no-gekko,” an eatery and tourist information
It became tourist information of West district of Oita in April
1997年 Opened a fishing hole in Tohge-no-gekko
1999年 Opened second Log School in parking lot B of Tohge-no-gekko
2000年 Opened “Oh! Hayabusa”, the first improvement of rural meal, aiming to be a ramen shop with customers lining up in March 30
2004年 Opened Asaji shop of Ramen shop chain Hayabusa in a rest shop in Asaji-machi in March,.
Opened visiting hydropathetic facility “Tenpu-an” of Ganiyu Honpo on September 2.
2007年 Opened “Bansho-no-yu” Nagayu Hot Spring History Museum Co. Ltd., on February 10.
2008年 Repulicate “Bansho-no-yu” as a modern spa. Completed a residential buildng for long-term treatment with hot sping on March 1.
2009年 Opened a horse-riding trecking course “Moon River Horse” in August.
Opened “Engel Fram”, a therapy room in the forest of Hisui-no-sho in October.
2010年 August Built an animal therapy facility, “Sheep and Goat Park” in August.
Reopened Kawasemi home garden.
2011年 Rebuild “Tensui Shine” to a deity of marriage
Resume rental boat Izumi in Nagayu Dam after 45-year suspension
“Kurumi Jizo” built by Mistress Jikei Nakamura of Dainichiji Temple in Fukuoka
2012年 Open “Kurumi Shokudo” restaurant, specializing in gelato and miso ramen
Build additional indoor training facility to Saga Sebring Truck
2013年 In spring, reopen Josei “Tenku-no-mori” , project of Kibogaoka Midori Eco Park
Revive a rugby team, All Oita Konwaku Team 40(over 40)
2014年 The 4th term of President of Tourism Association, Taketa City Tourist Association
August, the main log house of Josei “Tenku-no-mori” The Blue King Fisher completed
Heliport, Tenku observation deck, Tenku swing, music hall, Japanese archery ground, wine cellar, healing zone, meditation room, etc.
2015年 July 10, ground breaking ceremony of “Josei, Tenku-no-mori Eco Park (ecology park of renewable energy and animals) with Animal Zone
July 30, start selling electricity generated in “Kibogaoka Midori Eco Park” (ecology park of renewable energy and animals)
2016年 Big project to reconstruct Shukubo Hisui-no-sho “The Blue King Fisher” for a bright future.
March 16
Completion ceremony of “Josei, Tenku-no-mori Eco Park”.
Decided plan of annual contribution for coming 20 years for Naoiri Elementary School and Naoiri Junior High School .
2017年 September 02
Construction work to be started “Seventeen Project”.
Recent situation ·Working on books, “In the beggining was Mother” and “Autobiography: Kutami Regend.”
·Producing goods in K. Factory, Hunberg Nagayu, for in-house use. Providing pottery classes on demand, and “Tenku-no-mori” activity to children suffering from truancy and autism.
·Serving as Chief of Naoiri chapter of Oita Prifectrural Hotel Association, and Chairman of Association of Nagayu Onsen Inns, for three consecutive terms.
·Chairman of Nagayu Tourist Association for two terms, Executive member of Chamber of Commerce and Industory, Chairman of Commission of Turism and Culture
·Chairman of Town Development Commision which involves the prifectural and municipal citizens
·Secretary of Restaurant Union, former leader of Young Chember of Commerce and Indutory.
·Set up Kawasemi Rugby Club in 1985. Personally paticipated Oita Prefecture Athletic Meet for the 19 consecutive years.
·Special lecturer for Middle and Small Business College
·Special lecturer for Nakamura Culinary School from 1997 to 2003.
·Mamber of Resident Committee of Long-term Planning of Oita prefecture.
·Member of Hot Spring Discussion Group of Oita prefecture
·Chief secretary of Oku-bungo Hot Spring Committee.
·Mamber of Oita Tourism Business Program
・Founded “Tsuki to Suppon, Nippon” Association with membership of 170 in June, 2005
・2005 December: Set up a new organitazion Nagayu Sport Tourism Associtation (NSTA) for long-stay traning sessions for 2008 National Athretic Meet
・Became the first chairman of Takeda City Tourism Association, serving two terms.